Latest Post by Tom Fishburne

Ha ha!

Tom Fishburne latest post is a good one. Topic this time is “Failure”, and is accompanied by one of Tom’s wonderful and relevant cartoons.

The main message I got from his post is…

“You can tell a lot about an organization by how they treat failure.”

This point is something that became really obvious to me when I wrote some earlier posts (especially this one about 3M). You cannot innovate, or move forward, without failure. Failure is an intrinsic part.

Anyway – check out Tom’s post here…

Business Truth!


Discovered Tom Fishburne’s website the other night. (I now see that he has been drawing since 2002!)

Tom is a cartoonist who draws cartoons that focus on business, and marketing. What first caught my attention was this cartoon:

If you don’t know about Tom Fishburne, you can read about him here.

He did a presentation called “Innovation: Lessons from Cartooning“. Really good to watch (although the camera work is a bit shaky).

If you haven’t seen it already – check out his site:

(I wish I had discovered him earlier! This guy really captures Business!)