Pie’s comments on the Yammer purchase

Thanks to the wisdom of Gmail, e-mail that I receive where I am just “one of the many” gets filed away in the “Bulk” folder.
I try to check it every now and then, and got a surprise today when I saw an email alerting me to Laurence Hart’s latest blog post.
I was surprised because he had written about the purchase of Yammer by Microsoft. I didn’t even know that this had occurred! (Been very out of touch lately).
You can read Laurence’s post above. I like his analysis.

Thanks Laurence

Word of Pie

There is going to be no shortage of analysis of Microsoft’s acquisition of Yammer. I’m not going to take time to parse it all. I do want to share some quick thoughts on the acquisition while everything is still fresh on my mind and the deal seems more likely to be completed.

Yammer Cashing Out

Yammer was one of the pioneers in the the Enterprise 2.0/Social Business space. The issue that over the years as the space has evolved, the amount of evolution coming from Yammer has been limited. Their product has gotten better but they remain, at their core, a micro blogging service.

imageThe space has been moving on though. People have been learning that all these Social Business tools work best when they are part of the business process, not when they are on their own. With Yammer, you may produce less email and generate greater visibility…

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A meeting of the great ECM minds – the #ECMJam

Today the second ECM tweetjam was held. The topic:

the connection between ECM and SocBiz

Organised by Bryant Duhon, the list of participants looked like a veritable “Who’s who” of the giants in the world of AIIM and ECM.

As mentioned – this was the second ECM tweet jam. You can read Bryant’s initial explanation of what it is here:


And…here is Bryant’s report on the first ECM Tweet Jam:


Bryant will be writing a report of today’s ECMJAM. It will be worth waiting for.

If you want to read the raw tweets though, check out the tweet stream

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Issue with MindManger and a PDF attachment.

I’m studying the AIIM SharePoint Master course at the moment. (Refer my earlier posts here, and here).

I’m a “wolkjes” sort of a person (“wolkjes” is a Dutch word for clouds).

That is, sometimes to really get to grips with things, I like a visual overview (or as my wife puts it – I think in “wolkjes”).

So – I was mapping out all the information using MindManger, and had attached a PDF to one of the topics in the mind map. When I clicked on this, MindManager crashed on me.

Just to vent, I tweeted this fact. And then went straight to MindManager’s website. Within 30 seconds I had found a fix to the problem:

When attachment or MJC secondary document is opened, MindManager immediately crashes.

An issue has been identified when MindManager is used with the anti-virus software AVG v8 also installed.  When a topic attachment or a Mindjet Connect secondary document is opened, MindManager utilizes The Windows anti-virus API to scan the document.  With AVG installed, it also attempts to scan the document.  With two scans happening simultaneously, a crash can occur. Mindjet is working on a solution to this issue.

In the same knowledge base article was a file that could be downloaded, and copied into the folder where MindManager is installed.

I did this, and restarted MindManager, opened my mind map, and clicked on the PDF attachment. It opened beautifully in Adobe Reader as expected. I was really happy to be able to resolve the problem so quickly.

In the interests of sharing, I jumped back onto Hootsuite, and tweeted that I had found the fix quickly on the MindManger website (and included the link to the kb article, of course). At the same time I noticed that Mindjet support (@Mindjet)  had seen my initial tweet, and had responded asking for more information. This doubly impressed me!

My hat is off to Mindjet support! The ease in which I could find the fix, and the rapid (pro-active) response I got back via Twitter is an example of excellent customer service.

Act like you’re in a Bar with Twitter

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Steven Van Belleghem wrote a post the other day on the SocialMediaToday blog that is really on the mark.

In it he describes a typical bar scenario. People talking in groups about all sorts of things. The topics change frequently, and every now and then one particular subject of discussion goes through the whole bar.

And like any bar, there is usually a diverse bunch of people.

At one end of the spectrum, there are the regulars at the bar, are those people who are seen frequently, and have something useful, or interesting to offer to the conversation. They easily move between groups.

Then there are the people who come in trying to sell you something. When you are having a nice drink, and are chatting with friends, getting disturbed by these people is never nice.

And then, there are the people who stroll into the bar every three months or so, and just try to promote themselves. Then they are gone.

Anyway – really recommend reading Steven’s post: When on Twitter, Act Like You’re in a Bar

Should Small Business Give Twitter A Twirl?

Should Small Business Give Twitter A Twirl?

via Should Small Business Give Twitter A Twirl?.

As someone who has heard about Web 2.0, but never really “got it”, I am now on a journey of Web 2.0 discovery.

The article listed above is good. At least I know now, that I am not alone.