BLUG – I’ll be there


I’m going to the Belux Lotus User Group conference that is being held in Antwerp, Belgium.

Am I a big Lotus user? No – not really.

Then why am I going? Because the sessions they’ve got lined up look excellent!

There are three main streams – Development, Administration, and Business/Other. I’ll be attending the “Business/Other” sessions.

Social Business

At this years “Lotusphere” (IBM’s big conference), there was a big focus on Social Business. And and looks like this will be playing a big part at BLUG.

After what looks like a very interesting Opening Keynote, there will be a Panel Discussion on  “Social Business”. Does this “buzzword” actually has any credence?

Members of the “Panel” include Luis Suarez, who has been living without e-mail the last 4 years, Femke Goedhart, an IBM Champion (and someone that I met at a SharePoint event last year), Stuart McIntyre, a Social Business Consultant (and author of the blog Collaboration Matters, and Chris Miller (aka IdoNotes) from Connectria.

This is one discussion I’m looking forward to.

Further in the “Business/Other” stream there will also be sessions on Cloud Computing, Balancing freedom the freedom of social media with the corporate restrictions that are often necessary, hearing how to “survive” in the business world without e-mail, as well as some other interesting sessions.

As I mentioned, I’m not a big “Lotus” person, but I feel that you can learning can come from all different sources. So I’m ready to learn. I’ll be there with my notepad (yes – the paper-based version) taking notes.

I’m also looking forward to meeting some of the IBM/Lotus crowd. (If you see me there, come and say “Hello”).

Nerd Girls

And…before I forget – I’m looking forward to seeing the Nerd Girls. At Lotusphere 2012, these girls organised the “Spark Talks”. These talks are very, very good (and inspiring). I wrote about one of the Spark Talks in an earlier post, and I am keen to see what the girls have organised this time.

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