AIIM with Pie

If you have not already heard, Laurence Hart has a new job. He’s the new CIO at AIIM.

So, what does this mean? What value will he bring to AIIM? To answer that, we really need to understand what kind of a person Laurence Hart is.

I’ve never met Laurence. I don’t really know him, but I have a certain impression of him. An impression that has been built up over the years since I first got involved with Documentum.

I discovered his blog “Word of Pie” back in 2007, when I had just moved from working with FileNet to a world of Documentum.

Pie’s writings seemed to be honest, and to the point. He didn’t write about how “great” this product was, or how “fantastic” that company was. He never sounded like he had drunk the Kool-Aid.

Laurence wasn’t afraid to discuss a company’s warts. He wasn’t nasty. He just said it like it was.  And I found that valuable. (In fact, his blog was was inspired me to start my own blog (along with Andrew Chapman’s ). However he is also the reason that I put off actually starting one, for so long. (He set a very high standard.)

Obviously I was not the only one who thought that Laurence wrote some good shit. As well as having, what must be, thousands of readers, in 2008, he was the victim of plagiarism.

I think that AIIM will benefit a lot from the addition of Laurence to their staff. (Also with addition of Cheryl McKinnon.)

I think that Laurence’s honest, and critical, way of looking at things will be interesting in an organization such as AIIM.

As I mentioned I don’t really know Laurence personally. (I screwed up a chance to meet him at a Nuxeo conference in Paris, last year, and, heck … I don’t even know the “Pie” story)

There are many, many other people who know Laurence better than I do. If you have a different perspective, or can add something to what I’ve said, please, please feel free to make a comment..

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