AIIM’s CMIS Product Guide!!!


Wow – call me Happy and knock me to the ground.

AIIM have just released their standards based Product Guide focused on CMIS. Being an AIIM Professional Member I was quick to download a copy.

For those of you unfamiliar with CMIS (Content Management Interoperable Services), one of my earlier posts “Small Brain Notes on CMIS” explains it more in detail.

About 9 months ago I started writing a blog post that would give an overview on the CMIS market at that stage. A lot of Vendors had recognised the real benefit of CMIS and were all making plans to implement it one way, or another.

My post did have some promise. (Click here if you’d like to view it in it’s unfinished glory). However I was not happy with the incompleteness of it, and decided, at the stage not to publish it.

The AIIM document is not comprehensive (which AIIM states clearly in the Introduction). It covers 13 vendors, and describes the CMIS enabled product of each of them along with more detailed information on the use of the product as well as (where possible) the CMIS capability support of the product.

Products covered in AIIM’s Report:

  • Alfresco Web Quick Start
  • Alfresco Activiti
  • CMIS Export for Kodak Capture
  • Content View
  • Documentum Content Management Interoperable Service
  • Fresh Docs
  • IBM Connections 3.0.1
  • IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition 8.4.3
  • IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.0
  • IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5
  •  Nuxeo Document Management
  • Open Text ECM Suite 1.0
  • SharePoint 2010
  • WeWebU Open Workdesk

The authors hope that later versions of the guide will contain more vendors.

In the start of the Guide there is a very good introduction, and an article by David Choy (chair, OASIS CMIS Technical Committee). David Choy has also recorded a brilliant video, awhile ago, in which he explains CMIS. This was a great tool when I was trying to understand what CMIS was all about. (You can view the video here.)

After the vendor review, there are a couple of articles by Laurance Hart (@piewords) and Stephan Waldhauser (@WeWebU).

Following the articles, there is an excellent list of CMIS Resources, which I am going to look through when I get some time.

Taking into account that (at AIIM’s own admission) the Guide is not comprehensive, it is still a very handy document to give a better understanding of the CMIS landscape.

My only criticism is: Guys – when you are creating a PDF – do it properly. Get each section properly bookmarked, as well as the TOC hyperlinked to the corresponding page. It’s not hard to do; it makes the Guide a lot more usable (when viewing on screen).

Click on CMIS for my other CMIS posts.

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